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Brotherhood Football Pool

Join us this year as we enjoy some laughs and follow our team's highs and lows. Many things are out of anyone's control, but for those that stick through it all, glory awaits.

This season will answer many questions:

  1. Deshaun Watson - 'nuff said
  2. San Francisco and Jimmy G
  3. Is Cam returning to Carolina?
  4. Is Baker Mayfield going to Seattle?
  5. Are the investigations over in Miami and Washington?  How will the teams be affected?

Participation fee is $30. Weekly prize of $30 to the highest point-getter. $300 prize to season's highest point-getter.

After payment is received, you will receive an email to be directed to the TBE Brotherhood Pick-Em page on the CBS Football site.

As always, make your selections carefully, and good luck this season!

Registration is $30 per person.
Wed, February 21 2024 12 Adar I 5784